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Thanks! I should probably stop buying Aalto presets until the update is available.

I'm having a problem with presets converting to AU format, so I just downloaded Aalto 1.5 from "My downloads" and reinstalled it, but the problem remains. Is the update with the fixed preset converter available for download yet?

I'm having issues with the some of the 2-voice factory patches (in Live 7.0.16 on my MacBook, system 10.6.4). For example, when I select the EPIANO1 patch, only voice 1 is audible. When I play single notes, which alternate between voice 1 and 2, every other note plays. When I play two notes simultaneously, only one is heard.

This is corrected after setting voices to 1 and then back to 2.

I understand that you are working on CPU load. Currently, it's a struggle to wrest my mouse cursor away from Aalto controls to change an Ableton Live control.