ForumsHardware ← FR: make some Soundplane client parameters addressable with OSC/MIDI

Is this reasonable?

I am in particular wanting to be able to change the number of touches active, on the fly, without having to go to the laptop to find the client window and Touches dial and click it (plus it's hard to click and drag and land the dial on the desired number without over/undershooting).

Maybe this would be useful/fun for some of the other parameters too.

Hi Charlie, that seems totally reasonable. It can listen over OSC so you can change the number of touches with a dial for performance.

+1 (for other parameters)

This would be very nice. it would be quite easy to make a maxforlive patch with midi mapping to send out messages via midi / osc, providing there was an avenue for receiving it in the client.

Then you could map your own momome or what have you to the specific parameters of the client, and pull it up anytime.

"It can listen over OSC so you can change the number of touches with a dial for performance."

How can I do that ? What's the OSC port for sending informations ? What are the messages that I have to send to control the dials, toggles and the zone preset menu ?

Sorry, I was speaking hypothetically about how I would like to add that. Thanks for the reminder. I'm making a lot of changes to the Soundplane software this Spring---when I add this I will document it.

I'm going to migrate my list of Soundplane issues / feature requests to github where it will be more convenient to me and visible to all.