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I'm using Logic Pro 9.1.8.

I haven't used it in awhile. I'm trying to use Aalto. Logic has crashed within minutes of loading Aalto - the first time after about 5 minutes, and the second time immediately.

OS X 10.8.4

I'm not wanting to descend into a hell of troubleshooting here. Some guidance? This is exactly why I try to stay away from software as much as possible....

Hmm.. I'm not sure it's Aalto. Those things in combination ought to be stable. But if you can get a crash log for me, I might have a better idea.

You could also try another host if you have one handy, and see if that helps.

It couldn't hurt to make sure you have the most current version of Aalto, 1.4.1. I try to make it better over time not worse, and mostly succeed with this.

I never had a problem with Aalto before, so I imagine that it probably has something to do with Logic, though obviously possibly in combination with other things.

I can't tell what version it is - it's from january 2013.

The log is below:

Thanks for the log. I clipped it out because very long.

The Aalto version is right in the upper right of the interface by your name. I think upgrading to 1.4.1 will fix the problem you are seeing.

Yes. of course, that worked.