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dear randy,
I really like your work. its amazing.
since i´m experimenting (on a much lower level) on a live performance controller, I wanted to ask if it is possible to achive/buy a copy of Aalto still in an edible max msp version. so i can assign my controler to it better?
here you can find an old demo of my controller, to have an idea:

let me know, it would be fantastic.

I don't have anything like an "Aalto patch" though. Aside from some early prototypes it wasn't made using Max/MSP.

If you explain what you want to do that you can't do now, I can try to help. Have you tried using audiounit~?

How many independent controls do you have with that device? It looks like one or two. What resolution? 10-bit? 12-bit? 14-bit? Depending upon the details, you should be able to use MIDI to connect to Aalto with any DAW that is an AudioUnit host, or possibly even OSC (Ableton Live?).

hi randy, hi rsdio.
the resolution is 384 ksps @ 10 bit. I´m using a make controller at the moment.
I prepared a little presentationpage to show you what I need.
you can find it here:

thanks for your help.

Wow! Very cool, Daniel.

I cannot tell whether 384 ksps @ 10-bit is a control voltage or an audio signal, but I have a few ideas. The first video looked more like a Moog or Buchla ribbon controller, but the second video looks more like a 2-string guitar with an audio interface at a higher sample rate but lower quantization.

If the controller outputs audio signals, then you certainly will need to do some processing in Max/MSP or other software to turn this into a control signal. Then you can send MIDI to Aalto. You don't need any changes to Aalto to support this because there are many ways to get MIDI from one application to another, and with the right host application you might even have Max/MSP and Aalto in the same program (Ableton Max for Live).

There is no pitch-to-CV in Aalto (because it isn't needed), and thus you might want to supply that sort of conversion in your own software. I cannot tell from your demos whether your controller system is designed to react to frequency or voltage.

If your controller were a ribbon controller outputting a control voltage, then you could still use the above approach, but it would be much simpler and easier. The idea just occurred to me that Aalto could accept audio signals as control voltage inputs. That might be a good thing to request as a potential future upgrade. The sample rate for the CV would be limited to what the host can provide, and that would be a lot of resource bandwidth to devote to CV, but you could use SRC. However, I get the impression now that you're not producing CV.

In any case, your experiments look very interesting. I am sure there are probably a few different ways to link your controller with Aalto. For now, I suggest starting with MIDI as the common link and see how far you can get. MIDI has 14-bit resolution, just not at the bandwidth you're creating, but that should still provide a workable connection.

the 2 string instrument is sending an electronic signal through an analog digital device, like, lets say arduino, make controller or eobody. (I watched your video in which you converted it into signals, what i think is so much better, because the strings are actually very sensitive and acurate, but through the 7 to 10 bit resolution of the sensor usb interface I´m loosing a lot).I think in a long run I would like to chang it into your system, but I´m not expert enough.
I´m still very new in this feld, so I don´t understand a lot of shortforms like: CV or SRC. What do they stand for?
"CV/Gate, a control voltage and gate solution commonly used in vintage pre-MIDI synthesizers for external control?" "SRV"Socialist Republic of Vietnam?""safety release valve?"?

I downloaded the aalto demo.Do I have to use it through logic or protools, or can it run as well standalone, somehow?
The idea to convert the sensor interface signal to midi is no problem,through max and than in whatever form to aalto.

So, Aalto is an Audio Unit plugin. You need to run it in an AU host such as Logic or Live. Max/MSP is also an AU host, if you use the audiounit~ object. So, I would look into running Aalto directly in Max/MSP.

Maybe try some very simple AU synth with audiounit~ first, to get something working.

CV: Control Voltage

SRC: Sample Rate Conversion

... but it sounds like you have plenty of more interesting things to work on first. Have fun!

Thank you very much.
I tested your demo in logic and it is absolutely what I need.
But before I bombard you with more questions I need to find out some things about how I can use it best and than I´ll come back to get a real version of aalto.
thank you for doing such a great work, greatings from a very very cold germany.