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I'm dying over here waiting for an update, what have you been up to all summer in your laboratory? I'm too curious for my own good.

later this week!

I can't wait to buy Kaivo :)

oooh my, Aalto 2 coming this week ? !
This is exciting!

Oh my, Only just read about this. Really looking forward to whats coming!!!

Kaivo preview! Not Aalto 2.

Kaivo. The name is cool! Instrument or FX?

oh. kaivo preview. right. is kaivo replacing aalto ?

kaivo and aalto are two different instruments

kaivo is being previewed

and I would assume a rough release date will be announced

aalto 2 will be much later I'm sure

after soundplane software updates probably

I wouldn't be surprised if randy were doing another run of soundplanes before aalto 2

this is mostly speculation

it's later this week now, right? ;)

At least its not Bitwig-----

I really can't wait...

Insanely excited for Kaivo.

I've been playing and patching live with Aalto, and getting amazing results. I'm just starting to gel with it, and here comes Kaivo!

This has me saving up for a Soundplane.

Reading Varese essays has me all the more excited for the unsuspected sounds that are within.

@renderful I have a soundplane for sale at a price that is quite a bit cheaper than it will be available regularly :)

do save up