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there isn't really any information about the product that monome will be releasing soon called the aleph but I am hoping beyond hopes that it will be my bridge to CV without having to buy into a modular setup (I use ciat lonbarde stuff) or bring a computer on stage

As much as I love aalto I just have never had a lot of luck with computers and live shows. Although I suppose the fix for this would most likely be a better computer. Aalto has led me to this hardware self contained modular fascination.

I love to tinker at home (just this morning I was using the shbobo shnth to control DMX lighting, and some of my best friends are computers) but I am so torn


as it stands right now I'm trying to sell my soundplane on muffwigglers but if the aleph is the missing CV key I may have to rethink that.

I don’t want to give anything away. I’ll just say it can't hurt to wait a week.

the suspenders are killing me :)

Here's to hoping that there will be some video footage of the presentations!

I hope there will be video too. In any case, there will be lots more info from the monome crew as well as me.

hi randy, now that aleph has been officially announced is it possible you can shed a little more light as to what level of integration we can expect between aleph and soundplane? will it just be that soundplane controller data is available for use by aleph's 'native' apps or will there be some kind of a port of aalto (or even kaivo) to run on aleph? thanks!

Hi, I had the chance to talk with Brian and Ezra quite a bit about hooking a Soundplane up to Aleph. We think it will be possible, and I'm excited to do it when I can get my hands on an Aleph, but we don't have an immediate timetable. And we definitely don't know those other details yet, though we can think of some things that would be fun.

Randy, are you getting an aleph from the first run?

I would love the chance to use the sound plane with the aleph. Brian and Ezra mentioned that the big limit here is the CPU drain from processing the Soundplane data. If that's a problem, I would be happy to use the sound plane with the aleph via computer, using a laptop / the client to process the data, then send it out via usb to the aleph.


I am not getting an aleph from the first run. I would be excited to work with one, but I have to work full time on Kaivo at the moment anyway. So there will have to be a computer in the mix for now.