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Hi sorry if this has been covered before but couldn't find it. Just installed Aalto but it doesnt show up in the AU menu on the inserts on the channel strip. Not sure where to find it. Logic doesn't seem to recognise it like my other plugins. Thanks a lot, Andre

The plugin files will be installed to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components. If you are on 10.8, you will need to show the Library folder in order to see them. Here’s a link with info on that:

Logic sometimes fails to rescan plugins and it’s annoying to make it do so.

First thing is to make sure Logic is not running when you install Aalto.

To force rescanning all plugins, you can delete your ~/Library/ file then relaunch Logic.

One thing I’ve also heard suggested is to relaunch Logic in 32-bit mode if you are normally in 64-bit mode, or vice versa.

I'm sorry for the headaches, but as far as I know this is a Logic glitch I don’t have any control over.

Oh, and don't forget that Aalto is a synth, as such you won't find it listed with inserts along with the effects.
It has been some time, but you first have to make an software synth instrument track (which is different from audio or MIDI tracks), then you'll end up with a channel strip just like the regular ones, and somewhere below the inserts, you'll find a box with the label I/O, you can select Aalto there.
Apologies if this was all clear and it is a more technical issue (in which case Randy already has you covered).

Good point bdeep, thanks