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OSX 10.8.3 Aalto VST 1.3.2 Renoise 2.8

When I open Aalto and browse through presets the presets drop down has a really annoying habit of suddenly closing up making me have to reopen the presets drop down any number of times in order to browse. any sudden jerk of the trackpad (not a click!) causes it to close. it's very annoying.

Anyone else experience this? happens me almost all the time.

Hmm, sorry to hear. Does it happen with any other hosts?

i guess if it's not being seen elsewhere then it probably is a host issue. i'll try the renoise forums...

I’ve fixed some menu issues for Aalto 1.4 but not seen the exact problem you describe before. I'll download the Renoise demo and give it a look.

FWIW the Audio Unit works much better in ReNoise (for me) (MBP 10.6.8).
Also, for whatever reason I get better performance overall with ReNoise 2.7.x, that goes for pretty much all plugins.

I tried the Renoise demo (2.8.1) on 10.6.8 here and found no menu issues.

I did run into a problem with the "Instrument Settings" pane in Renoise not finding the presets. I’ll see what I can do but since there are good workarounds this is not a high priority issue for me.