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Just in time for summer, Aalto T-shirts are now in stock! Oft-requested and long-awaited, these shirts are the first physical artifacts besides the Soundplane to come out of the Labs. They start out soft, will wear in gracefully and are likely to give you super patching powers.

We asked our good friend David Chandler to tidy up his Aalto manual cover for a larger reproduction size, and printed it in a subtle aqua gradient on American Apparel’s Sustainable Edition organic cotton shirts in Galaxy Blue. Nerdy yet surfy!

We are selling these nice shirts for $20. Shipping is by US First Class Mail, for $4 within the USA and $16 internationally. PayPal will add these costs automatically when you enter your shipping adress.

Select a unisex size and click to buy:
SOLD OUT except for size small.

Hi Randy:)
Any shirts left in large?



Sorry, only smalls left now.

how small is small? is there a size chart? (are the women or men's small, really, is the question...)

It's an American Apparel unisex size small.

I will trade someone a large Buchla shirt for a large Madrona Labs :)

can i buy one?

Yes, I have a few size small left. Please send payment via PayPal to payment (at) $24 to North America, $36 elsewhere. Then I'll send you one next time I'm in the shop.

Any hope for a new batch of Aalto shirts??? The summer is coming

I really want to. Need to find some reliable local help to do provisioning.

lemme know if you find someone!

Hi @randy,
I've recently bought the aalto t-shirt and really like the design.
I was wondering if you would consider releasing a batch of stickers with this new logo ?
Because, yes, I do love to cover my laptops with cool stickers :-)
All the best.

Good idea, thanks! Printful (who makes the shirts) doesn't do stickers so I have to think on this a bit but I like stickers too... :-)

great, count me in then !