ForumsDIY ← can a Native Instrument Audio8DJ by used with the Soundplane?

it's says 8 in 8 out but please confirm if anyone knows if this will work.

ALSO is there a windows port of the control software available? AND could we all focus on seeing if we can inspire a wise software programmer to make a Maxforlive plug-in for use with Ableton Live. i think that wouldn't be too hard to do with a well placed couple links, it seems this avenue of developement is ripe with the right kind of interest.

I always recommend making a 1x1 controller (single pressure sensor) with your audio interface first. This way you can check to see if the electronics will support an 8x8 version, and hopefully have some fun.

I'm happy to answer questions about the porting and MaxForLive work if someone wants to take it on.