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I'm finally setting aside some quality time to play this new instrument. I recorded this yesterday: Soundplane into four voices of Aalto via OSC.

It's easier to play Soundplane when you have quantization on. But here I’m playing in its completely fretless mode. Each row of keys is acting as one continuous pitch control, like a violin string. The rows are separated by fourths, giving the whole instrument a range of four and a half octaves.

I'm playing here loosely in Raga Yaman, and going off the rails a time or two. If you want to hear a breathtaking example of what this Raga really sounds like, Google “Ustad Rashid Khan singing Raga Yaman 1988.”

Awesome. Did you use Kyma for the string-modeling sound?


Wonderful, can't wait for January.

Dig the cross-legged stance! I half expected to see you start levitating about one minute into the video.

still working on that.

unbelievably beautiful!

MindBlowing Instrument ! Staggering Possibilities. .. . .

"Art creating Art".

Hey I realize it's probably unnecessary, but I want to apologize for making a joke in reaction to your post/performance, Randy. According to Google Translate, I actually meant: "beautiful meditative performance, great choice for a piece and impressed with the fretless action! This really makes me wish I had a Soundplane in front of me" or something close to that.

I know you probably didn't take it the wrong way, but for whatever it's worth I feel rude having said that a week ago, and I'm working on saying fewer dumb things on the internet. :)

I do really wish I had a Soundplane in front of me. This and the "Resonations" demo are getting a lot of replay until then.

I was not in any way offended. Still can't levitate though.