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Just a quick note for Soundplane players: the new client application version 0.985 is now available in the usual place: the sticky topic in the hardware forums.

new features:

  • Rewrite of carrier calibration.
  • Better filtering for raw pressure data.
  • Added carrier settings buttons on expert page.
  • Added autosave for menu selections.
  • Added debug text panel on expert page.
  • Added debug output for OSC connection.

The noise performance for all instruments should be much improved over the previous version. To start using the new calibration, go to the Expert page and click "select carriers." Watch the debug window as the client picks out the combination with the lowest noise. This choice will be saved in the preferences file.

I am going to revisit the manual after the 1.0 feature set is complete, so these new features are not described there just yet. Meanwhile, thanks for bearing with me—please post to the hardware forums with your questions and comments.

midi drop down is gone with this rev. [OSX 10.7.5]

Fixed in 0.986.

wow, that was fast. tanks randy!