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Firstly, thank you for the update !

I thought the small issue i had could have been gone with 1.3 but since it's still here i would like to report it:

I use Bidule as a randomizer for Aalto and since the parameters are neatly labeled it's a dream to program different levels of randyness ... oops, erm ... sorry, randomness, ^ ^, or even block any random behavior for such or such parameter (i don't know whether you have a copy of Bidule or not).

But however, the "Click Box" parameters, for example the Seq's on/off at each step, or the lowpass mode of gate, all seem to always revert to the same state when i hit the random buttom:
all the Seq's steps invariably turn to ON, the gate mode to lowpass OFF, etc...

Any idea ? I tried to program different randomness ranges, 0/1, 0.1/1, 0.99/1, 0/0.01, etc.., not to avail.

Thank you

I have never tried Bidule.

I think, a toggle converts a float parameter into an integer 0/1 by dropping the non-integer part. So if you used the range 0.0-1.0 you would still always be less than 1. Why don't you try 0-2?

Randy, thanks for the prompt answer.

Actually, i checked good with Live and Bidule, the 0 to 0.02 range is enough to get an on/off, it's just that Bidule's random doesn't seem to generate a real zero.
so never mind, i think it's a problem with Bidule.