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Hi there !
The demo Verision of Aalto is running fine on my MacBookPro, but crashes evry time on my BigMac, a quad core Intel Xeon from 2008 w 10.6.4, and Logic 9.1.1.
The Crash Report says somthing bout a DUMMY::Connection...

The plugin Opens fine, I hear the white noise sweeps, but as soon as I try to open a preset, I get the "ball". I installed the plugins in both preset folders (all and user), just like in my MBP, but no success.
I also bought the plugin, but don't have dl link, yet, maybe it's okay in the real thing.
Thank sfor your fantastic work,

Hi Kosi,

Sorry about the problem. I'm going to try to figure this out soon to get a fix in the next update. I don't have access to an Intel Mac Pro so I might ask to send you some debugging versions to try if you have time.


found the fault myself. Somehow an alias of my harddisk made it to the presets folder and that was the reason, why it didn't stop scanning.(aka Dummy connection, which makes me the dummy)
I removed the alias and all is fine.
Thanks for your quick answer :)
Please feel free to delete the whole thread.

I'm going to leave the thread up so people can find it if they have the same problem. But I'll go ahead and make a bold note