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From few days I am a user of Aalto. It's great!
I'm looking for a particular sound.
My primary goal is to obtain tone that is very much alike to Villalobos’signals - I mean the background (the sounds of bubbles, flecks, clicks, etc). You can find them alive, hear them changing and moving all the time. Eg. (monobox - trade - villalobos remix) – first minute (villalobos – fadutron) – 2:30 -3:30 (Sun electric – toninas – villalobos rmx) E84CF12&index=65 – from the start (slap – eden now - villalobos rmx)… 

I have problem with create something like this. Can I create those sounds in Aalto?
Maybe somebody can share a few patches/presets?

look for a preset named subhop2 by the user Garf in the patch thread, can be a good start

i bought Aalto for the same reason, just to be able to use some wicked always changing tiny voices in my music, like Ricardo and Pedro does.

all of these Garf patches are extremely good, hope I can learn the software easily and I will be able to do something similar.

I haven't seen him in person, but every picture or video I've seen of Villalobos, he's chain-smoking cigarettes. I would probably not buy any used gear from him.

I wonder if he has an Aalto and would want to share patches though. I bet he has one actually.

Considered using 'found sounds'? Buy a good audio capture device and make some recordings. It's suprising what you can come up with a bit of reverb and a Space Echo. Or alternately learn to use a granular synth and a sampler.