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I'm currently using Numerology to drive Aalto.

Is it possible to have the voices offset by a certain amount WITHOUT using the internal sequencer while playing sequences with Numerology?


I don't quite understand. What about the voices do you want to offset?

Hi Randy,

Apologies if my question was unclear.

Some of my favourite patches in Aalto are when the voices are routed to the offset input in the sequencer - this has the effect of playing chords as the voices are assigned to different notes in the sequence.

My question is: is there any way of doing this if I don't use the internal sequencer but instead send a melodic sequence to Aalto from Numerology?

OK, you mean when the pitch of the voice (or any parameter with a patcher input really) has a different value for each voice.

This doesn't strictly depend on the sequencer though that's really the only useful way to get a lot of control.

You can send the "voice" output of the KEY module right to any patcher input, then scale it for some control. So you can play chords for example, without using the sequencer, but the intervals will be the same.