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It's been an intense and exciting month. Brian made a final Main Board revision and I worked on some details of antenna and case production. Alongside this hardware work, I've finally gotten the Soundplane's touch tracking software performing well enough for production. The Soundplane has been a really cool demo for a while, but now it's suddenly an instrument. I can't wait to make more time to play it.

You can see the speed and accuracy of the touch tracking from 12 bits of pressure information at about 1000 frames per second. I need to measure the latency better but it's down under 5ms, and can probably be improved a bit more.

The software is partially done-- there is another page to be completed where you can set up zones that function as notes and controllers.

I'm very excited to take this work to the production stage. Look for more news about the production schedule later this week.

Looking good. The bending and beating of notes within chords is something I remember loving being able to do on a Continuum, the one time I played one.

Very cool, saw the video on Matrixsynth. Looking forward to hearing it with Aalto.

Can you give more details of the playing technique used to make notes within a chord beat on the Continuum?