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Hi all,

I'd like to know if it's possible to record and edit activity in the Patcher area in realtime so that any patch activity (I don't mean a "Patch" like a "Preset" but the act of connecting an output to an input via the Patcher) can be saved and edited like any other parameter automation?

Sorry if the terminology gets a little murky, but here's a simple example using the LFO module: in my DAW (Reaper) I'd like to record the realtime "physical" patching of the LFO's output to the COMPLEX OSCILLATOR'S Pitch Input that I would execute with the mouse just like I would do with the Frequency, Noise, and Level values of the LFO. I suspect this is either not possible, or not possible by conventional means, because when I pull up the available parameters of Aalto that can be manipulated the LFO parameter choices are limited to:

"lfo_freq", "lfo_noise", "lfo_level", and "lfo_freq_p"

and there are no "patcher" parameters.

Can anybody help?

Thanks so much.

As I replied to your email, not yet but I'd love to add this feature.

MIDI semantics don't seem to map well to patching an NxN matrix, but I'll figure something out that may not be beautiful but will at least work.

This clearly is a tall order. I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait.

I have used automation (in Steinberg's Cubase) to adjust the destination levels to emulate patching single cords. A step change from zero up to a level to input the chosen modulation signal gives a result similar to connecting a cord, and vice versa for disconnecting. This won't help where multiple sources are applied to a single destination, unless the aim is severing all the inputs, limiting it's scope. Fun nonetheless.

Incidentally, I'd welcome using MIDI Program Change messages to change between patches, please. I find the patch browser a joy and wouldn't want it altered signiicantly. Maybe a separate table could allow real-time MIDI control over a user defined subset of patches?

Maybe a separate table could allow real-time MIDI control over a user defined subset of patches?

I think this is the way to do it. It's a little UI work, but seems the be the only simple way to not mess up your set when new patches are added.

It is clear a lot went into the development of Aalto's User Interface. The result, simple and concise, still allows complex programming and control of the synthesis tools. The flexibity built into the current patch management system is a valued asset. I can guess working in new features is no small task.

One approach, to preserve clarity and aid workflow is for the MIDI Prog Change feature to be hidden, in the drop down patch menus, with an indication it is activated in the filename field perhaps?

That's a good idea. I guess you don't want MIDI program change active all the time. It might be an option for the KEY module.

Chammer until then... if i amy suggest something to keep you busy. I have been fooling around with my Akai lpd8 and mapping the Aalto knobs to knobs on my cotontroller(ableton). While you are not controlling the actual patching itself: it does let you have the option of controlling everything with a knob( and gets you away from th mouse). throw in real time recording with that and the instrument in my opinion really comes to life in a different dimension.