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Please may i ask about progress on 1.3 update?

A set of parallel steps might have some potential merit? If their length and offset were independent from the first row of steps, polyrhythmic modulation could be generated, without using other modules.

I suppose this is just one of many considerations for any prospective modification, but will the advantage of more steps be outweighed by their addition overcrowding the User Interface?

Maybe for now, working at slower tempos, automation could be used to adjust step values while the sequencer plays? This might effectively offer 64 or more steps.

I am on the PC, and find a magnifying glass utility a huge help.

I shan't say here whose, as it is a commercial release. if interested get me via KVR, username 'blob 59'.

It is clear a lot went into the development of Aalto's User Interface. The result, simple and concise, still allows complex programming and control of the synthesis tools. The flexibity built into the current patch management system is a valued asset. I can guess working in new features is no small task.

One approach, to preserve clarity and aid workflow is for the MIDI Prog Change feature to be hidden, in the drop down patch menus, with an indication it is activated in the filename field perhaps?

This clearly is a tall order. I'm sure it'll be well worth the wait.

I have used automation (in Steinberg's Cubase) to adjust the destination levels to emulate patching single cords. A step change from zero up to a level to input the chosen modulation signal gives a result similar to connecting a cord, and vice versa for disconnecting. This won't help where multiple sources are applied to a single destination, unless the aim is severing all the inputs, limiting it's scope. Fun nonetheless.

Incidentally, I'd welcome using MIDI Program Change messages to change between patches, please. I find the patch browser a joy and wouldn't want it altered signiicantly. Maybe a separate table could allow real-time MIDI control over a user defined subset of patches?

As a tangent to Auto-Saving above, pls may add I like AAS's Chromazone's history feature.

Despite it's weaknesses, I find navigating the history helpful for critically reviewing the results of wild experimentation, to explore the units functionality and ultimately find new programmes.

I too like the immensely enjoyable free AudioDamage compressor too.

But more often than not it's the indispensable (imho) George Yohng's W1 Limiter, usually the Betabugs Audio edition or occasionally 4Front's version - both VSTs & free, on the channel.

An external Audio Input would be an interesting addition, to access all the signal processing on board Aalto & act as a modulation source, please.

And a VST version of the reverb would surely be welcome.

This had me puzzled too! Thanks for the pointer.

I've just joined up and purchased Aalto, having been captivated from first hearing on a video on-line. One of few unique soft synths out there, to my ears. Big thanks to the development team, and good wishes for the future,