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Hi all,

Literally a survey question. With all the great software choices out there these days, I'd like to know and compile what limiter/compressors and the techniques people using/investigating in capturing Aalto's super hot signal. It's a software question only.

fyi, I use Reaper in conjunction with Sonnox, Fab Filter, UAD-2, Abbey Road, SSL 4000 among others.

Love to hear from you. Cheers.

hey Chammer,

I use the built-in limiters that come with ReNoise and Audiomulch, on every instance of Aalto, or just throw one on the master buss and let everybody fight it out.

If it's a drum or particular sound, or wanting for sidechaining or something, I use the FabFilter Pro-C or the free AudioDamage compressor. I got no skillz though.

Sometimes, to make sure things don't get totally out of hand volume-wise, I will set the Master Output level on Aalto all the way up, then set the oscillator and delay mixes, etc. That way for example a part can be safely faded into a song without going over or worrying about hitting the right volume level.

Thanks Technomonkey.

Thanks Technomonkey.

I too like the immensely enjoyable free AudioDamage compressor too.

But more often than not it's the indispensable (imho) George Yohng's W1 Limiter, usually the Betabugs Audio edition or occasionally 4Front's version - both VSTs & free, on the channel.