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Hello can't resit to show you a preview of a workspace I'm working on, it's a interface made with Usine (http:/ to use Aalto with a tactile screen, the Usine conductor add some morphing features too, also add a random midi notes module with synchro options (not used here).
lot's of fun !

Here some screenshot:

And a video preview

I knew nothing about that Usine software, but now I can't thank you enough for pointing me at it - just amazing. (And impressive sounds in your vid as well!)

BTW what Usine are you using? Is it possible to do this sort of things in Stage?..

I'm using the pro version here, but the stage version can be used cause the conductor module ( necessary for morphing options)is in the stage version too


is it possible to share your usine patche??

merci d'avance ;)

Actually no, cause i use a beta version of Usine but will be out soon . And this patch is always in beta stage cause i don't have all time i need.
I'm also waiting for presets management in the next Aalto version.
Are you a Usine user..? which version?

Yes i am a usine user (pro) i love this soft because it allow to patch a vst, i was thiking today, it will be really nice if randy could divise aalto in some module and we could just use multiple aalto module in various way it would be so nice to have separate module as vst :)

I spent about ten minutes on the Usine site looking for the OSX demo download before I realized.... heh.

Looks pretty cool anyway. I read somewhere that there is Mac version being developed...