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Having only seen the pictures so far ,would something like this:

be available as a special built-to-order option if requested?

I am not sure how the SoundPlane is being manufactured so sorry in advance if I am barking up the wrong tree. I am just thinking about gigging such a beautiful thing and the need for robustness. Good luck today!!!

Good idea but it doesn't fit in the Soundplane case. Already checked.

A loose, breakaway external USB extender seems like a good idea. it pulls out if someone trips on the cord and so the case doesn't get hurt.

Thanks for clarifying that. It is 50/50 I guess, yes it gets saved in that circumstance but USB ports can sometimes get very wobbly over time. All the best. S

I definitely thought about this issue. What I've done is put the USB jack through an aluminum backplate that's much thicker than an ordinary sheet metal case -- 1/8 in. the jack is very tightly fit into the plate so that the wobbling that normally breaks the solder joints over time is minimized.

You have thought of everything! I should have guessed.