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Loaded Aalto into Numerology and stayed up all night making crazy stacks.
Since Numerology lets you easily route different modulation to every parameter you can really get creative and realize Aalto's true potential. In Numerology everything can be modulated/sequenced so you can also modulate the modulators in every way.
I hightly recommend N3 and especially to Aalto users.

it's that so, you can loaded Aalto into Numerology? Can I do it whit Nomerology demo to? Aalto is absolute great and if I can have more out of it...

Do you just operate Aalto to Numerology?

(Sorry about my english)


Yes, Aalto + Numerology = great!

The demo works fine too.

Indeed, Numerology + Aalto is an amazing combo.
I've noticed though that CPU usage when using both was significantly lower when rewiring Numerology to another host such as Reaper.