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About a minute ago I discovered another cool thing - which is #1 below, - about Aalto and thought I should finally start this topic.

1) When you select a patch cord, you can see two circles on its ends. Select all patch cords* and if an input has two or more patch cords plugged into it, you will see that a circle on a patch cord's destination end is white. This tip is useful when you got gallimaufry of patch cords and want to quickly trace the routings. Also it is an irreplaceable feature if you want to grab the logic of how somebody else's patch functions. Seriously, just select all patch cords, and UI becomes twice more descriptive.

  • To select several patch cords, simply click in the empty area of Patcher and draw a rectangle with your mouse - just like you select multiple objects in Windows Explorer.

2) If you have a MIDI controller with faders, you can map all seq_values to separate faders and do dramatic sound manipulations in the real time with your eight (I mean, of ten) fingers. Set steps to eight and voilà!

3) Of two envelopes, only second has a "Hold" toggle, but if you map sustain of first (env1_sustain automation parameter) to a MIDI note, you can use a key (or a pad if you like) to switch between values of 1 and 0 which is exactly what "Hold" does.

4) I don't know about other DAWs but in Ableton Live 8.2.2 when you load a preset after pressing "Configure" on Aalto panel, all automated parameters will load immediately. Hence no need to click on each and every to map them to the controls of your MIDI controller. Perhaps it works for other plug-ins as well - I dunno; at least it works for Aalto.

I hope someone of you guys has more tips - if so, feel free to share, that's what I created this topic for!..