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Hi there, I am considering Aalto as my next soft synth purchase, and am wondering how updates are handled. With the manual watermark process and limited download window, I get the impression that we would need to purchase the software again in order to receive updates. Is that the case? I searched around on the site and didn't find an answer in the license text or in the forum. Thanks in advance for any additional information you can provide.


Updates are free until a 2.0 release, which is not coming soon. I've put out three updates since the 1.0 and plan to do at least a couple more.

When I release an update I email all the customers and let them know it's available. Then they can download their software. The links don't expire until the software is downloaded.

Soon, this information will be obsolete because I'm switching to a new system where you can download your software anytime. I'll be sure to document the new way better on the site here. Any other questions, please ask!

Cool, thanks for the info (and the super fast response!). I thought this was likely the case based on the tone of some forum posts, but it is always best to ask... I am looking forward to doing some audio alchemy with this synth.