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Hey all! Here are some sample packs I have put together, figured you might get some use of them! All CC, so have fun, and please share what you come up with!

i can't wait to use a soundplane in general!

haha, very true.

basically these are sound studios of acoustic sounds that i have used for different sound projects. inspired by the artist eskmo, the first package, a names for girls, is various bits of percussion hardware recorded in stereo with neumann 184s through a neve poritco mic pre. the only effects applied is a healthy does of compression using the H-Comp.

b names for girls, the second package, is sonic study of different types of tape: scotch, masking, duct, gaffers, etc and sounds that they make. plus a few of me drinking some juice. recorded using a audio technica 4060 into a dbx 376 and only effects were the H-Comp.

just got my copy of aalto last night, and i'm super excited to dive into it! thanks for a amazing and innovative soft synth!

Hey all!

I know this is a growing community so I would like to invite you all to a little fest I run. In/Out Fest is a celebration of open source programming and controller design for audio/visual performance. This is our second year and we are super excited about it! Mark your calendars for Sept 17-18!

In the mean time, we are holding open submissions to all artists/creatives doing some amazing things (Madrona!).

The Tank is accepting proposals for:
In/Out 2010: Digital Performance Festival

In/Out is an annual festival that features leading performers, developers, artists, and tinkerers of the digital design community in hopes bridging the gap between the forum based world and the stage. The festival seeks to bring digitally driven performances into the limelight with two full days of workshops and performances.

We invite programmers, visualists, hardware hackers, electronics gurus, musicians, and novices to take part in the events of In/Out. With workshops to encourage others to join in the fray and inspiring performances, this is not only the time for those interested in the constantly changing field to get involved, but for current members of the community to step up their game as well.

The boundary pushing festival is produced by the Tank, a humble non-profit performing arts presenter located in Manhattan. In addition to In/Out, the Tank also produces the legendary Bent and Blip festivals as well as nightly performances from New York City's finest emerging artists.

Visit In/Out's website at
Videos of last year's performances can be found at Photographs can be viewed at 72157622874966737/

This year's In/Out will take place on September 17 and 18, 2010 at...
The Tank Theater 354 West 45th Street New York, NY 10036


In/Out is searching for musicians, visualists, dancers, and performers who have integrated digital technologies into their work. From building custom controllers to creating their own software, or users of new technology, we want it! Submit a brief description of your performance along with a sample of your work.

If at all possible, we would greatly appreciate proposal materials in the form of hyperlinks. Live performance videos are preferred.

Workshops + Lectures

Help motivate the vanguard by leading a workshop in new media for audio/video performance. Past workshops have included: working in Jitter, building drum machines in Reaktor, and code driven music composition with Processing. In/Out is especially interested in hands on, kit based, and introductory workshops.

Please submit a brief description of what you would like to teach or share, along with any work you have done, are doing, or will do in the field.

Deadline for proposals: June 11, 2010

i am so excited about the progress of this! fingers crossed it doesn't take too long!!!