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Hi there,

I've updated Aalto to 1.7.0 (it says 1.4b6 at the top though) and the presets are not being shown in Aalto's menu. I've checked and they're at AppData\Roaming\Madrona Labs\Aalto\ (Windows 10) and they have a .mlpreset extension. But I can't seem to find a way to load them into Aalto. The menu only has Save, Save as... , Save as version, Revert and Copy/Paste from clipboard.

Regarless of them not showing up on the menu, how can I load a preset - for example, if a friend sends me a .mlpreset file?

Hi Randy,
The issue is that the other version was installed in C:\Program Files\Vstplugins and 1.7 installs to C:\Vstplugins. I didn't have the latter configured to be scanned by Studio One, so the new version was never loaded. I uninstalled 1.6, installed 1.7, added the new path to Studio One and everything works fine now :)

Hi Randy,
I uninstalled Aalto and went back to 1.6 (I keep a copy of all updates just in case) and the same thing happens. I'll check that thing about the administrator permission.

But in any case both versions showed up as 1.4b6 at the top - is that right? Is Windows keeping some weird cache of the plug-in executable? I use Studio One 3 Professional.

When I open the .mlpreset file I see something like a JSON but if I copy it and paste it into Aalto it will "freeze" for a few seconds and then nothign happens, the patching doesn't change.

I'm very disappointed that Aalto still runs with too many clicks and pops and crashes on Lion with Logic Pro 9. Paying $99 for a software that hasn't seen updates in months… I really do hope there will be an update soon. I simply can't use it on any serious project because I never know if when I load the project Aalto will work or not.


Hi guys,
I was very impressed by Aalto's demo, but extremely disappointed after purchasing the software, for it constantly pops and stops making any sounds or has a really bad attitude syncing its events to the host. Is there a date for an update?

Logic 9 (9.1.3 - 32-bits) running on 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac, 4GB Ram. Mac OS 10.6.8 (2nd update)