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Environment: Virta 1.9.1, Reaper v5.984/64, Mac Pro Late 2013, Sierra 10.12.6

Intermittently Virta stops making sound, most often when I switch presets but also sometimes just starting and stopping my daw triggers it. The animations are still showing audio present. If I take the plugin offline then start it again it works again for a while. I made a quick, shaky and not very helpful video of what's happening here:

I wasn't having this problem with 1.8. Is there a place where I can find old versions?


1.8.3 is working fine for me in Reaper. Thanks

I'll try and play around with Virta in Cubase and Ableton soon to see if it's only happening in Reaper.

I reinstalled 1.8.3 and will let you know if it fixes it for me.


I am having a similar problem with Virta, 1.9.1 in Reaper, on Mac Pro 2013, Sierra. When I am flipping through presets using the arrow eventually the plugin stops making sound. Visually it seems like everything is working. I am in the middle of a project so I can't take the time right now to trouble shoot it better but I will make a video of it in the next week.