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This may be "old news" on the subject of Midi Learn, but it solves an issue I saw discussed in another thread about capturing the automation data as you record to audio. Live has a feature that lets a controller not snap to a current setting, which means that if you change a preset, the knob that you touch will not affect the parameter until it has reached its last state.

This could mean cool pseudo morphing capabilities for those that like to capture the audio from Aalto as they tweak. I hope that came out right. I'm half asleep still. And the next question is.. when V2???? :D

Also.. A free plugin everyone should have in their arsenal is Tapeit, which allows you to record a .wav file from any VST you have open. http://www.vstplanet.com/Other_audio_tools/Other_4.htm

I only have the demo for now, and will eventually buy it because I find the interface quite fun, easy on my older eyes (resizing to fill my screen makes me feel I am on a real instrument, and not a plugin). So kudos to you, Randy!

As far as Aalto 2 is concerned, my only, and I mean it, ONLY true request would be:

Midi Learn! (I have numerous controllers including MS20 and Arturia Keylab).
It would be beyond fun to sit there and fiddle. This would be the best!

I was surprised not to find it on such an amazing instrument.

Claude S. / Anything Box