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Just bought Kaivo (and really like it!) but it doesn't seem to work in Ableton 10b10. It opens, it plays the default sound but as soon as i change presets the sound is gone (midi in appears). Any expierence with this? I'm using the latest version of Kaivo (1.3.2)
Thanks for help, Frank

If it only could be that simple with many many other software problems ;)

Hi guys.
i was just checking to answer the last question and i really have no clue why but now it works!?! there might have been a weird thing between other programs etc ... i don't know at all.
But i'm happy that it works now and i really like the sound(s) :) Thanks for your help anyways! Frank

i use the latest kaivo 1.3.2 ... but maybe i should upgrade to High Sierra ;)

In Ableton 9 it works perfectly fine :)

Oh and .. i can edit the default patch and make changes to that and play it. It's just when i want to check other patches (also copying in from the clipboard) that it stops making sound.

I'm running a Mac OS 10.12.6 (Sierra) and Aalto works perfectly fine in the same system. By "MIDI in appears" i meant that the little "LEDs" for incoming MIDI on the Kaivo are flashing.
Thanks for any help.