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Hello Randy,
we "talked" about that issue already. I recognized now that there is still the same problem with the Key for the VST-registration.

When copying the serial from the account page into a text editor window to save it, the format is changed and as a result this data cannot be used to activate a VST instrument on a computer. So you are still forced to be online for a registration. That´s not a problem in general (although I know this is annoying for the many offline studio PC users) but what will be, when Madrona Labs isn´t any more any day? What I am really not hoping for. Or maybe there is a longer server dropout or whatnot?

I would be happy if you could work that out. Thank you in advance.

Best wishes.

The design looks fantastic and I hope you have as much fun programming it, as we will have trying out the upcoming version. I am very excited listening to SUMO´s sound. Thanks for the details and good luck merging the the elements into one thing which can be actually experienced.

glad to hear that from you :)

Is implementing a small early reflection section an option for you? It can always be done with a dedicated plugin of course but it could be a great and comfortable addition.

I'm very eagerly waiting for a final release. The sound is just too delicious. I wish I could already have a not crashing version.

Will you email us when next update is ready for testing?

Happy developing. Stay save

I thought further about it - as I really like the fun implementation of the pop-up style design.

Why not put a small knob under each big knob to pop-up the menus. That would prevent the high value changing jumps and keep the GUI clean enough. It would also save time as the pop-ups would be there imidiately when klicking.

I nevertheless would like to see all selected data directly under the big knobs as it helps a lot to keep overview in very big projects. But that could be a good compromise.

One suggestion for the people who are easily getting motion sick watching certain things on screen. Imo an option in the settings to disable the moving effect of the pop-up windows could be a welcome addition.

Hope you are not offended. I'm beta testing since some time now and I really only commit in such a way when I'm convinced about the quality of a product and that the developper does it out of passion and is thinking out of the box. So I really hope you see that as a positive and constructive contribution. And please relax. After all it's your product :)


Hi. I got it to work on Cubase but after a short while it caused an exceptional error which brought Cubase to hang.

All in all, the sound is awesome. It's a great addition to give all parameters LFO. I'm in love with it overall. Very well done.

The graphical interface and kind of functions are fun to use but also slowing down workflow as submenus in my opinion belong to the days of 80th digital hardware synths and rack extensions.

For example it's awkward to press longer on the parameters to open the submenus. A negative side effect also is while doing so, you change the current values as the values follow the position of the click.

I'm a ongoing mix engineer and in mixing its all about going fast and many times back and forth to only change small things. It's not good if you put many efforts in tweaking huge chains of AUX tracks and than realize that one track could have a touch more modulation, going there and literally have to re-arrange everything again.

From an engineers perspective I rather see the context menus under the dials, layed open. So having a all in one GUI on one page. As Aalto verb is so small and doesn't have much features that shouldn't be a problem.

A second thing that I find very important is the metering. When building huge AUX chains there is nothing more important as that the plugins are driven with a appropriated level. It's difficult to know from the avaible input meter whether it's RMS or Peak level and I'm missing the values read out or more clearer indication numbers. Metering could be a bit bigger also.

As fun the new GUI features are (I really do like them a lot from a design perspective), from a professional point of view I don't see them too much useful for accurate and fast workflow.

That's my first impression. I hope you find this constructive. Cheers

@Randy, thank you. I try again and feedback to you afterwards. Cheers

Hi, all seems completely normal. I click an empty insert slot, the plugin folder list opens, Aaltoverb2 is displayed, I click onto the name. Usually now the plugin would load into the insert slot and the plugin-folder list would close. In this case the plugin-list closes and nothing else happens. The insert slot stays empty in Cubase.

I had Aaltoverb1 installed priorly, but de-installed it completely beforehand. The new install worked fluently and it showed up in Cubase correctly. Aaltoverb1 worked fully functional. Could it be that there are some things left over after de-installation, which distract a proper working Aaltoverb2?

Let me know if you need some more information.

Hi Randy, I was eager to try out version 2 of Aaltoverb but couldn't get it to run on two Win10 systems. One with Cubase Pro11 and one with Cantabile. It installs regularly and is shown correctly under the DAWs but simply can't be inserted after selecting it. How that help and if you need more information, let me know. Cheers

Sounds so interesting what you wrote about Sumo. Looking so much forward to it. I still got my rarity, the Kawai K5 additive hardware synthesizers love to see your approach to that synthesis. I am sure you'll bring it onto next level in the box. Enjoy the process :)

Wow, I´m really exited about that for a very long time. Will you publishing any peek-a-boo audiofile snippets teasers? This looks so promising. May become one of the most interesting soft-synthesizers of recent times. Category own custom development. I literally can feel the signature sound by looking at this GUI and knowing the other Madrona synths.

Also great you are updating AaltoVerb to 2.0. Great sound and the additions will push it foreward alltogether.

Only thing I wish was a savable code-file (you know it´s still not working for me in any form, except going copy/paste directly from your homepage). ;););)

Best for coding and enjoy the progress

Modulation would be welcome.

A pre-delay buttom should be added.

Hi Randy,
I think Modulation Options would be great and I do think a pre-delay Option should be there in any case. It´s a Standard for decades and an essential part for a reverb unit.

Paypal. Yes, should be there. I don´t like to type in all my Card Details. PayPal is a Standard too and it´s a very nice and easy way to Exchange Money on the Internet.

I got all your Plugins but have to pay the full Price for the new reverb. That means a new customer, who buys more than one plugin now has a better Standing then an old loyal customer who already bought everything. That´s not so good I think.

I think it's a great, interesting, deep and awesome sounding sound mangling tool and more.
Have joy and be sound.

Me too. I am very curious about SUMO and still hoping for a big one :)
Spectral manipulation is a cool thing and I think FM is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread, especially with 6 or 8 operators. I am pretty curious about your approach and I am certain it will be interesting for sure and I hope you will find enough time to develop it further.
Have joy and be sound.

Hi. That's awesome news.
Are there maybe still some plans for more multi core optimization? (Asking very cautiously)
Have joy and be sound.

Love her recordings. I am playing the records in heavy rotation. Thank you for sharing this article.

Okay :)

Hi Randy, great that you are still supporting your fantastic VSTs for us. Much appriciated and also I am looking forward for SUMU :)
Have a great and relaxed time.

By the way, the new looks of the MADRONA LABS page are great. Very relaxing for the eye.

Hi Randy. Thank you for all your support on and on...

Strange thing. I didn´t recieve newsletters for the latest updates. I showed by here in the forum and found out right now about it. I am registered for the newsletter. Didn´t you send out letters for that matter?


Hi.I use Audacity too. I do understand that writing an editing program isn't your first choice :)

But it would be sensational cool and unique if a VST like KAIVO could do it by its own.

Of course I am recording wavetables from PPG synths as wav. and import them into KAIVO. No problem there. If I want to have a combination of any field record sounds and waves of a certain amount and in a special order and maybe in a certain synced rhythmic shape it's getting much harder to make it.

A granular synth which makes that for you via drag and drop would be heaven and I guess you have a mega seller :)

HiRandy. I used the ones which came with KAIVO and imported my field recordings. I didn't make special waveforms for it. I got the PPG WAVEGENERATOR. Could such files be imported to KAIVO?

In fact KAIVO gave me the idea to do more with wavetables in it. I think it would be great if the user just could take any wav. data and drag it into a sampler window. Then take another and the engine would automatically melt them together in a row so you can build up a long wavetable. I think the combination of synthetic and real audio could be a great thing here when programmed rhythmically. Like in a KORG Wavestation but much more advanced and of course with the cool features of granular synthesis.


Hi Randy,
thank you for all the work you put into your 3 VSTs :)
Have Joy

Looking forward for your new SUMU-VST.

Had you ever have the idea for making a granular synth where you can load e.g. 20 different samples or more (to stack them vertically or in a row) and you can use the engine like a wavetable-synth but with all the nice features of granular synthesis? Such a synth could be awesome. I don´t know if it is doable :)

70% for 3 outstanding excellent and long term maintained plugins with free updates-policy??? I think your wishes dust your mind a bit :o)
Randy is for sure someone who really earns butter for his bread and that should be tolerated with paying reasonable prices. I understand your needs for wanting all of his plugins...I recommend starting to save some money and wait till the next sale. You will have a good feeling when buying one excellent product plus supporting one great and standing out developer doing so. I think you will also appreciate the VST more as getting it nearly as "a gift" or a "steal" ;o)

As always. Thank you for your information, Randy. I am patient but I am a little disappointed too...but nothing to worry about :)
As long as it is save that you will optimize and make a final version some day its more than okay for me.

I cannot state enough how much I love this synth...I´d love to work more with it while having that "stable-feeling" and a better usability. I think for what KAIVO can do and how it sounds, this instrument is totally unmatched on the VST-markoet :o) Please do maintain it further.

How long did it take to make AALTO a final version?

Joyful programming/ Regards

Hi Randy,
it´s been a while. Can you already share some news concerning update shedule for the optimization process? Please remember that I and another user have constant freezes (we described that issue in another thread) and the CPU usage is far too heavy. It would be a joy seeing this plugin in a "final" state some day. I am just not using it right now. It feels so unfinished and unstable...and that´s a pity :)
Thank you in advance and joyful programming.

Hi Phil and thank you for your tip. That seems to be a working method. I am not sure if it works with a stored text editor file stored earlier. I'll give it a try :)

Thank you. That's really cool. Your service for your customers is great. Appreciated much :)

I tried the first time I installed Aalto to use the saved text-file for registration and it didn´t work.

The next time re-installing on another PC and installing Kaivo I was online and did the copy to clipboard activation.

Finally I layed Internet into my studio for that kind of reason. But I want to be shure for the future because I admit to be a bit oldschool. I want to use things I like in the future too, maybe in 10 or more years too. I still have a lot of hardware synth I bought in the early 90th and I still use them. I am still very careful with software and it took a long time I really dived into that region ;)

Hi Randy,
yes I am using 2 PCs and no matter what I do - I tried notepad++ and Word and Windows texteditor - it is always the same. The format isn´t the same as on the user-account-page when I paste it in. I will give it a try on my macbook too. Any other Ideas?

I looked up the installation folder where the licence files are stored after installing the VSTs. When I watch them on the notepad++ editor it´s the same picture. I don´t know whether I can use these files for a re-installation and registration? The slashs seem to be fitting. But the middle part where it reads "licenced to and so on" is not placed correctly in the middle.

Nice to hear that you are so ambitioned with your projects :)

No problem - Good things take time :)

Hello Randy,
can you tell already when there will be further updates for PC users? I still get this KAIVO freeze in Cubase as described earlier.

KAIVO and AALTO have become (beside the fantastic and unmatched U-he Synth) my absolute favorite Synth and I absolutely am looking forward for a stable and (maybe) out of beta-status KAIVO update.

Best wishes and happy and creative programming and a joyful new year to you :)