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First of all, I'm very thrilled about this development. Looking forward to the eventual availability of these modules (as well as soundplane itself).

About providing configuration variety: The usual approach in similar designs is to provide just two modules: A main "base" module, and an expander module. The expanders are normally 4 HP and can be chained as needed, providing the user with flexibility.

For inspiration MIDI-2-CV modules can be consulted. Just two examples: Expert Sleepers FH-1 has FHX-1 expander. Multiple expanders are chained with ribbon cable. I think up to 7 expanders can be connected. Another example is Synthrotek's MST MIDI to CV Converter: It has its own expander module. These are chained by I2C cable.

I think it's totally reasonable to expect a user to be able to daisy-chained the necessary number of expanders and the main module. So I think in this way the flexibility of adding more voices can be handled without custom panels.