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Since I got Aalto 1 and I grasped the basics of the mind-the-gap interface - this is London Subway tongue-in-cheek - it has become a synth I always come back to. Although I am not a collectioner, I do have some synths that 'can do more' but that don't attract me as much. Aalto is a forgiving lover for as long as I return to her.
In short: all I want to say is that Aalto is a kind of love affair. So take your time for an upgrade. When you don't work against th clock, time works for you.
And please: do not make it an iZotope Iris 2.

Hi all,

At this moment I am still demoing because I cannot choose whther I want to get Aalto or Kaivo first - I started with a preference for Kaivo but Aalto seems to be winning the race. (I'll get the other one later, and maybe Virta also)

OK, to business: I like your manuals but they don't give some essential information. If I haven't read over it that is.

1/ Aalto: I am confused about the CC+1 and CC+2 outs. There seems to be no way for me to assign them anywhere. Mod has the modwheel, what cc triggers 1 and 2? Of course the pitcbend wheel would be a good candidate for one...

2/ Kaivo: Is it normal that I cannt use my own wav sample in demo mode? How long can such a sample be? Can I set the length of the grain? Can I use all samples etc etc...

I may have more questions later on, but I can already tell you thatAalto (which I have most played with) is addictive.



Compile I cannot. I am not a coder. I'm very happy when I can create some sound I like.
I use Savvyhost only to test things. For all the rest I prefer a daw.

So Aalto it is, and I have my license. No more noise crescendo's.

Thank you for your quick reply.
You are right about pitchbend. Of course you are. My bad. Blame it on my enthusiasm. Midi has never been my speciality...
I re-read the passage on the three different outputs, Mod, CC+1 and CC+2, and now it is clear. So your explanation was really helpful.
I will try again to import a sample into Kaivo. I prefer to have my samples on a separate ssd. But although I love all things granular, Aalto will indeed be the first. If I grasp its structure, Kaivo will be a lot easier. I like the tutorial series you have on YouTube.

Some extra information: I use CuBase 9 on a Win7Pro machine and Aalto and Kaivo work fine in it. I also use a QuNexus keyboard for experimental work because of its aftertouch. Again no problems, and aftertouch really works well with both synths.

Being a lover of Risset, Bayle, Roads etc, even Xenakis your synths are really what I was looking for, but it's a small miracle I found 'Aalto' mentioned and decided to take a look on YouTube. And the sound quality is very good, really.

If I have more questions, I won't hesitate to ask them.
Just one more night's sleep or so over it, and I'll get my Aalto license.

O, by the way: do you know savvyhost ? (
Instead of having to open big truck CuBase, I can open any single synth in it. Just copy the savvyhost.exe to the location where the dll resides, rename it to the exact same name as the dll and double click the exe. To test things out it is really very handy.
It replaces standalone mode.

thanks again, and 'till soon.

kind regards,