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this is my first post on this forum and first I'd like to say thank you for the amazing Madrona Labs work both in software and in hardware. The DIY guide is really amazing but I have two questions about it.

I think I will try first to build the controller following the guide exactly as it is but my question is: is it possible to use this prototype to build a MIDI controller in the box? It's clear to me how the whole thing works, I need to "trasmit" a sine wave to each carrier row... but is it possible to build it as a standalone midi (usb or classic midi) controller without using all the ins/outs of my audio interface but just a midi cable connected to my computer? maybe building an oscillator for each row? (in that case it would be hard for me since I have little electronics knowledge)

the second question is more simple and I think I know the answer actually but I'm searching for a confirm: my audio interface is 6 ins 8 outs... can I build a 6x6 controller? I think yes.
Thank you for you efforts and your work and, in case, for your answer