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Sounds good - I'll give it a whirl. And thanks for the Pepper offer - but I'm in the US.

@thetechnobear - I'd love to be the "next person" – but it looks like the Bela Salt (and Salt+) are sold out. When it becomes available, I'll give it a spin. Very exciting! I also see you lurking around the forums, have you had any luck getting your soundplane working with Norns?

In honor of version 1.5.0 being released, I've updated my 'replacement' icon to make it more in line with Apple's standards.

In the unlikely case that anyone else is remotely interested, it is available here:

These updates are great! Super exciting for sure. This might be an odd question but, do you have any ideas on the HP of this module(s) yet? I'm planning out the final free space in my rack and want to make sure I leave enough room.

I finally had some time to try out the new software. I'm getting a lot of very noticeable latency. Are there some tweaks I need to make so that my soundplane is as responsive as before? Thanks.

I've made a replacement icon for the soundplane application: soundplane

While the original icon was rendered beautifully, its skeuomorphic style did not fit in nicely with the rest of the applications on my dock. If anyone else would like to use it, you can download it here: