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Hi, i', tryng to change the Aallto presets from max/msp in order to recall them with a preset msp objet. I use vst objet but i don't know what is the parameter name to manipulate aalto from msp. any help? Thanks



I use Aalto V.1.8.2 (VST.64) and suddenly ( after an update to High Sierra) the versions appear in a disorderly manner, don't follow the order of the number. Someone have the same problem? Someone know how to resolve it?


OMG, sorry to disturb for this basic thing. Thanks so much.

Normally, at the moment you save a path as a version, the title that appears in the menu is the title of the patch followed by a number. When you have several versions, the menu appears with the ordered versions. My problem is that the versions appear unordered in the menu, so I can not reproduce them in the order that I had prefixed (in numerical order). I had not found this fault until I updated my operating system to High Sierra, I do not know if that could have been the reason or not. I hope to have explained myself better. Thank you

Thanks Randy!!


Is possible to change or/and display the alto's programs form Max/msp?
I use Vst~object.