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Really liking the speed and look of the new framework/ui. One feature that I think still needs a bit of tweaking is the preset menu functionality:

  • The mouse wheel (on Windows anyway unsure about mac) to scroll through presets seems a bit hit-and-miss (you have to spin the mouse wheel quite fast for it to actually move !)

  • Scrolling up and down with the left mouse button held down seems to be restricted by how much desktop space is available i.e. if you have the plugin near the top of the desktop and you click and drag up you can only scroll a few presets until your mouse cursor 'collides' with the top of the desktop and you cant scroll any further up (likewise if the window is near the bottom you can only scroll a few lines down until the mouse pointer reaches the bottom of the desktop). Perhaps the GUI can 'ignore' the pointer reaching the desktop borders and continues scrolling when the user continues to move the mouse moves up or down

  • With the few presets available with Aaltoverb the scrolling through presets isn't too problematic, though I can imagine if a preset list grows considerably (like my Kaivo and Aalto preset list), scrolling through presets as per this Aaltoverb beta method will take a while. Maybe the click and hold paradigm could be extended here so when you click and hold on the preset list a preset menu pops up ?