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Hiya Randy,
Ok thanks for the clarification. I'm fine with a USB only connector and using some software as a translator. My main use would be with Kyma, so a computer is obligatory for me! Oh and JUCE is a great tool, I have used it for a few things recently.
So keep up the hard work, I'm looking forward to this with extremely baited breath :)

Looks absolutely lovely. I'm glad that there will be some more updates coming. And great to hear that you are thinking about things like sustainability as well :)

You mentioned the first software synthesizer at the end of your post. I would like to ask if you also plan to provide raw OSC or MIDI coming from the Soundplane?


Hi Randy,
That sounds like some of the fun I have been having recently with HPGL! I solved some of my problems with the latest release of Inkscape, which now natively exports HPGL.

Would you be able to post the link to the driver you mentioned because I couldn't find it? (although that may be because wayback machine is overloaded..)



Now that I see it, I like the look of the Soundplane this way, and I'm guessing that some people will want this as an option.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, oh yea!
Looking great so far ;)