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I have just noticed that neither Aalto nor Kaivo are showing up in the AU Instruments menu on Logic Pro 9.1.8 (i know, i know, it's ancient but i like it). They don't even get scanned and are missing in the AU manager window. I have tried deleting the ~/Library/Caches/ file and rebuilding it and no change. Also tried reinstalling older versions and they are still not showing up.

They appear and function just fine in AU Lab and Hosting AU, so does anybody have an idea what might be happening here? Launching Logic in both 32 & 64-bit makes no difference. Using OSX 10.11.6 on a macbook pro mid-2012.

I know my setup is old, but it usually works fine and i dont have enough money to be buying new stuff, especially when what i have does the job and i know it very well.

Hi Randy, one last update from my side, as i think i've done just about everything i can to see if i can remedy the missing v1.9 Madrona plugins in Logic. Deleting the outdated certificates and restarting my computer has made no difference. After deleting, restarting and reinstalling and Logic still does not see them and iTunes still produces the odd log messages, so that's out. I tried one last thing which was to remove all other plugins from the components folder, then deleting the cache, restarting and installing just Aalto, and it still isnt being recognised, so i've just gone back to the 1.8.5 version and that's working fine. I'm afraid there must be some issue with the 1.9 builds which it doesn't like, but i really have no idea what, as Logic is so opaque. I wonder if there's a way to enable a debug log on it? Anyway, i'll have to leave this to you now, maybe you'll spot something. Also, having the selection boxes in the installer going forward would be great anyway. Thanks for sticking with me. Hope you have a good holiday weekend.

Hi Randy, i don't think it's any error on your part, looks like having the expired certificate in my keychain is causing it, as snooping around my logs show that most, if not all the AUs i have installed are causing the similar messages to be generated by iTunes and Xcode. I just searched now for [deny-mmap] and found that out (was only searching for Aalto as a term before). I haven't rebooted my computer yet since deleting the certificates, so will let you know what happens.

Randy, reading through these two stack overflow questions leads me to believe it's quite likely a Keychain certificate issue on my side of things:

It appears people were reporting similar log messages for their various projects when there is an expired certificate in their Keychain. I just checked, and yes, the problematic certificate is present on my mac, as well as the current valid one which must have been installed automatically at some point. I have an Apple dev account, and so there are all sorts of non-standard certs installed on my computer. So, i will do a bit more research and see that i wont be messing anything up by deleting the expired ones, and then shall go ahead and see what happens. Will report back.

I've got Logic 9.1.8 which i believe is the last version update release before going to Logic X. I have never had a chance to get into the later version because Apple keep bumping the base OS requirements every few updates, and it's way beyond me by now. I just couldn't keep up with this yearly update dance in the end. I may think about getting it once i have Mojave running as Logic 9 will not work in that OS... By then no doubt the minimum will be Catalina, which is under no circumstances ever going on a single machine of mine. Anyway, will try out the idea of disabling SIP later in the week as an experiment. Who knows, it might work! macOS is a bit of a dark art these days.

And thanks, that small change to the installer would be really handy.

Yeah, i'm thinking that's what i'll just have to do for the moment, just keep 1.8.5 AUs and update my VSTs as they come along. I'm not sure how i'll approach it as each new installer will overwrite the older version in the components folder, and i'll have to keep aside a copy of the 1.8.5 files and manually replace the binaries every time, no idea how Logic will play along with that. Would you be able to add in a formats choice menu in the installer like some other developers offer, so that you can un-check the ones you don't want to install?

Anyway, the best i can deduce from all this is that the Gatekeeper/SIP system is flagging your v1.9 plugins as being dodgy somehow, and Apple apps are not happy to give them memory access (deny-mmap). I'd guess this is a quirk of using osx 10.11 (possibly 10.10 too?), and may be different in later versions. From what i've been able to learn searching stackexchange for 'deny-mmap' it looks like it's a certificate/signing issue.

I will eventually be updating to Mojave, once i can get on public wi-fi somewhere to download the install, currently everything is closed here in UK. But then i think Logic might stop working on that install, and my studio mac pro can't go above 10.11. It's all a bit tiresome really. Maybe i should just learn guitar!

Hi Randy, i have made a bit of progress on this. I located a version 1.8.5 installer for both plugins on a backup HD, and went through the process of deleting the existing files, trashing the audiounit cache, restarting the computer and installing then letting Logic scan all the plugs again. It finds the 1.8.5 versions just fine. So, i have tried the same process on all the other installers i have, 1.9.1, 1.9.2, and 1.9.4. None of these are seen by Logic and it doesnt scan them at all. So something might have changed between these 1.8 and 1.9 to cause this? I'm sorry i didn't pick this up sooner, as i installed 1.9.1 ages ago, but have not been using Logic much in the last year or so.

Hi Randy,

Yes, just checked and all the other plugins which cause the message to be logged scan and run fine in Logic. One shows the same kind of message as your plugins generate and shares the same owner + group but has 775 permissions (Newfangled Pendulate), and there is a different message about having 'no team identifier' on the other two which have the same 755 permissions as yours, but different owner + group (both from Boz Labs).

I don't mind trying to reinstall the 1.9.4 Aalto + Kaivo, but have a little problem in needing to re-download the pkg files as i am on a metered internet connection and am running low. Would you be able to do an md5/sha1 checksum on the files you currently have live on the website, so i can see that mine match? I downloaded both copies to my computer on Oct 11th, so am guessing it would likely correlate with what i already have.

Thanks for the help so far. Sure we'll figure it out somehow.

EDIT: i also already checked my ~/Library/Audio/Plugins/ folder yesterday, but it has nothing installed in it other than device presets. All the binaries are in /Library/Audio/Plugins.

Searching through my system logs i came across these strange entries which are being generated by iTunes and Xcode:

Nov 17 18:36:34 computer-name kernel[0]: AMFI: iTunes(pid 68325) - [deny-mmap] main process is a platform binary, but mapped executable file is not: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Aalto.component/Contents/MacOS/Aalto
Nov 17 18:36:34 computer-name kernel[0]: AMFI: iTunes(pid 68325) - [deny-mmap] mapped file has team identifier QDQ7J5WGMH: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Aalto.component/Contents/MacOS/Aalto
Nov 17 18:36:34 computer-name kernel[0]: AMFI: iTunes(pid 68325) - [deny-mmap] main process is a platform binary, but mapped executable file is not: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Kaivo.component/Contents/MacOS/Kaivo
Nov 17 18:36:34 computer-name kernel[0]: AMFI: iTunes(pid 68325) - [deny-mmap] mapped file has team identifier QDQ7J5WGMH: /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/Kaivo.component/Contents/MacOS/Kaivo

Only your plugins and three others are causing these messages to be logged two of which have 755 permissions like Aalto + Kaivo, which none of my other plugins have. Could this be a clue?

Hi Randy, i just e-mailed you the output from auval.

The odd thing here is that Logic is not even scanning the plug-ins. Definitely using 64-bit, have unchecked the 32-bit box in the finder info window. And it's only Aalto and Kaivo that it's ignoring. I've tried deleting them from the folder and then putting them back and it still wont run the test at start up. They don't show up as unchecked in the au manager window, they don't even show up at all. I'm wondering if some automated log file somewhere has marked them to be ignored or something? I don't know enough about the inner workings of Logic to know where to look...

EDIT: I forgot i had garageband installed on my computer, so thought i would check if they show up in there and neither plug-in does, although all my other installed plug-ins scan and are available just fine.

Right, i cleared the plugins cache, then restarted and still both plugins do not scan at all.

The file permissions for both are 755, with owner root, group wheel.

Where can i go next to see if i can get these back? I definitely had an older version of both of them working just fine in this install of Logic, but haven't used it in a long time while still installing updates for my plugins, so something has gone awry here. Is there a log file for Logic i can check to see perhaps, for why it's not picking them up?

Ok, thanks Randy. Will try it later and report back.

I had this problem a few days ago with Logic 9.1.7 on a Mac Pro 3,1 OSX 10.9.5 using the latest builds of Aalto and Kaivo. They worked fine with all my other programs, but after launching Logic having previously updated the AUs, i got the blank UI thing. Restarting Logic did indeed fix the problem. Is it caused by some kind of caching? The audio worked fine, and i could use the plain controls option to change sounds.

Didn't see it sooner because i hardly ever use Logic. (I'm an intuitive type etc etc puns abound).

Yeah, this Metal thing is annoying, as my main music computer doesn't support it. I was going to buy the plug-in until i saw that. Makes me wonder about future compatibility of updates to Madrona software i already own, and Sumu, which i was looking forward to trying out...