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I had this problem a few days ago with Logic 9.1.7 on a Mac Pro 3,1 OSX 10.9.5 using the latest builds of Aalto and Kaivo. They worked fine with all my other programs, but after launching Logic having previously updated the AUs, i got the blank UI thing. Restarting Logic did indeed fix the problem. Is it caused by some kind of caching? The audio worked fine, and i could use the plain controls option to change sounds.

Didn't see it sooner because i hardly ever use Logic. (I'm an intuitive type etc etc puns abound).

Yeah, this Metal thing is annoying, as my main music computer doesn't support it. I was going to buy the plug-in until i saw that. Makes me wonder about future compatibility of updates to Madrona software i already own, and Sumu, which i was looking forward to trying out...