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Happy Holidays! So thoughtful of you to save and provide these, and also for the one who placed into permanent account, thank you for keeping this posted indefinitely. You are both exquisite & beautiful souls!

This item about turning the number of voices down should be in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS IN THE READ ME file.


It certainly makes the difference, esp with kaivo.

I also wish you could describe how to record it properly, as an example, some render settings do a good job even if the audio in real time is distorting from CPU burden. Reaper offline idle seems to work. I will do more experiments. I wish this advice could be available to the community.

I have an old intel quad core 2.6 ghz. The dulcimer, and similar presets are not just maxed out in real time, but also un-recordable with CPU at 20-30% in reaper. (Of course, no other tracks loaded). I did manage to record some stuff that was closer to 18%-32%,such as slap tube, which was fine. Since it is unplayable I simply hope a DAW could record it, for use in creating various tracks and drum sample material.

Is there anything that may help me to record the dulcimer in Reaper?

Lol, I just removed Avast from my system to debug something else, naybe just in time. (Also, now I will avoid Comodo AV - it seems to install some browser stuff without clarification - and uninstalls are not connected so you need to find out to remove it! Better than some. At least Avast uninstalls well. What AV is safe to put on a computer with half a thousand hours of installs).

Yes, yir an animal randy, and judging from the horse preset, might you be a workhorse? Just my guess Thanks for all your hard work and great insights. I never could afford Kyma, and coding is so time consuming without the right interfaces... so this is a good find for me and I was also considering some other options, from other hard working gurus, but your quality of vision beats it from what I can see so far, so I will bet Virta will be a great investment too.