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Hi Randy~ I assume you have finished the Model B prototype.Do you have something to update? :)

Hi Randy, just out of curiosity, what does Model B supposed to be??? An instrument(midi/OSC controller) or A Eurorack module?

Considered Hackintosh? randy :P

And I am very looking forward to what is exactly could be under your extraordinary talent.

hahaha, that's exactly what I am looking for. Recently, I got a AXiS 49 to play around, and I feel very inspired with harmonic table note layout.Just one problem, the hexagon layout can not slide note intuitively like current Soundplane or LinnStrument.

I had a LinnStrument, and got lots of fun with it, but I prefer some concepts of Soundplane, such as the simplicity/organic surface/high resolution sensor etc.But there only one thing confused me is the "layout". I meant I love the grid and string-like layout, but I thought the grid was too long :) I know that's for more Y axis space, but there is a problem that it will lose some flexibility to play with. For example, I can just use two fingers of my left hand to slide separately within two or three rows on LinnSturment,because LinnStrument had a square grid.So, is there a possible that Randy can make a version of Soundplane with 7 rows based on the existing??
Hope I am clear enough, and any comments are appreciated.


I realized that's not a good idea, and so subjective. Sorry folks :(

Virta Demonstration! Very looking forward to the Salon, even though there is no way for me to attend, since I live opposite side of the planet with you Randy :)
Will there be a video for this?? btw, I love the illustration!

Aatlo,Kaivo and upcoming Virta are all great! if there are more acoustic instrument preset like ROLI Equator,that would be fantastic! Soundplane is amazing!I though lots of guys would like to play some string or woodwind instruments with Soundplane!

You are right!Randy, Simplify is one of the esthetics that Soundplane has.

Great job! man