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Thank you Randy!

I'm not sure this is what is going on, but in Logic Pro X, I had to increase the I/O buffer size to 1024 to get the patches to play without an error dialog and the audio engine stopping. But after setting it to 1024, very often the patches will have not audio output til I either rewind or, in some cases, quit and restart my project.

Is this a known problem? Is there anything I can provide to troubleshoot this?

thank you!

Greg K.

ok, thanks, I will. And if it persists, I'll make a video and send to you...

...by the way, thanks for well wishes and doing better, (Had 2 hernia "repairs" at the same time!)

Hi, I've noticed recently that Kaivo and Aalto are crackling when I use them. if I load another synth (say Synplant or FM8) they don't. It is very noticeable and repeatable. In both Bitwig and Logic. Is this a known thing? Pretty much makes them unusable.

An update here. I had to work in bed for a week so I was on my laptop (with headphones) when this was happening. Now that I'm back on my desktop, Things sound very clean. I couldn't imagine how this could happen but maybe the sound "driver" on my macbook pro doesn't handle the tinkly noise sounding patches well? weird...

p.s. Aalto version 1.7, Kaivo version 1.21...

ok, great! thank you.

An indicator showing which bank and program is current. This would be a great help.

Ok, thanks. I'm kinda new here but see using these instruments a great deal. Thanks for the clarification. I'm able to work with that way. As I scroll through patches, its just convenient to know where I am in my perusing.

thank you!
just joined the fray...

Hi There,

I'm new to finding out about your synths and Virta and was wondering if you have any thoughts about releasing a bundle deal that includes Aalto, Kaivo and Virta? If not that, do you ever run specials on the synths? No doubt they are priced more than fairly, but I'l be inclined to buy them all if I could afford to do so.

best regards,

Greg K.

Keeping my eyes peeled.

o god. thanks! very excited. If I'm subscribed, hopefully I will get e-mailed about it too so I don't have to wonder. many thanks! can't wait.