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I've been looking at the soundplane for a while but I'm kind of turned off by the fact it appears to offer no physical feedback to the user (, as opposed to the squishy Haken Continuum). I know the surface supposedly bends slightly to touch, but that's not very descriptive and is quite hard to imagine.

Are there any analogies that could be made to real life objects about the touch feel? If there is not much force feedback, do you find this affects playing much at all- is it still a pleasurable experience over lengthy play sessions, or do you get the sort of fingernail-pressing-into-thumb fatigue like on old laptops with the mini-nub mouse thing like I imagine?

Thanks Technobear, the plastic lid comparison is very easy to imagine. I'm guessing it's not necessary to press very hard to get a sound out then. The main problem I'm thinking of is pressing very hard and then sliding your finger, which tends to create an unpleasant squashed-finger drag feeling. But then most people seem to use it more like a keyboard with not much lateral finger movement.

I wonder if you could mount a pair of internal speakers below the plane with a low pass filter at about 30hz and get more haptic feedback through that, kinda like how the new yamaha keyboards purportedly do.