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Congratulations, Randy! This is really exciting. Looking forward to playing with Sumu.


I build robots that automate guitar picking--I send picking patterns via MIDI from a DAW to a robot built on the top of a guitar. This is fun, because it means you can fret with both hands, or use your right hand to control effects, change picking patterns, or do other things (I tend to think of it as giving the right hand more "directorial" functions).

I recently rebuilt the controller and gate/velocity module into a Eurorack-sized module.

Here's some noodling around with it (three tracks, not a finished piece):




Fantastic news, and congratulations, Randy! Looking forward to playing with it on Monday!

In 1986, a friend and I pooled our funds to buy a Korg SDD 1000 and, after a period of fear and trembling (we were broke, and it seemed really expensive), we hacked it to add CV control of the playback rate. This was not pitch detection by any means--and it wasn't calibrated to anything in particular--but it did give us a way to transpose the sample. Hours of harmless fun.



Hi spacefunk,

I'm not sure what you mean by "background noise"--the AcAalto 6 patch is continuous--by default, the internal sequencer will keep generating new events/sounds. Clicking the stop button in the Live transport controls won't change anything unless you've set the int/host switch in Aalto's user interface to host--and, even then, it will continue going for awhile.

Do you hear background noise with other patches? My experience with Aalto is that the output is very clean.