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Of course it’d be great ! But I don’t think VCV Rack is a viable platform for companies who want to make money out of it.

Hi !

Sorry if this has already been asked (I didn't find a "search" button in the forums).
I've got Aalto CM (computer music mag). I've tried it on a retina iMac 21"4 and found that while you can resize the window (GREAT feature, overall GUI is great !), it's quite blurry. Is CM edition retina optimized ?
Also, can I try the Aalto demo and not "loose" the CM (in case, I'm not ready to buy the full version yet) ?
Thank you.

It's great, thank you. Time to get it !

Hello ! This great news ! Could you explain your upgrade policies (for .y versions and for x. Versions) thank you !

Hi, Aalto is a great synth ! Do you plan to make it available to Reason users ? It would be an instant buy for me and a lot of users !
Thank you.

Thank you for answering. Good wishes to you !