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while the problem happens in live, if i run virta in reaper it uses just 5-10% of cpu, au and vsti.

seems like i'm having the same issue so joining in, can help test if needed or provide feedback..

el cap 10.11.2. 13" retina early 2015 mbp. 3.1ghz i7, 16bg. live 9.7.1 64bit.
if i just load live with one channel, and load kaivo, kaivo default preset, 8 voices.
idles around 60%, and cpu spikes while audio glitches out if i play lots of notes. (44100 with 2048 samples and 0 latency correction)

on my mid 2012 mb air, 2ghz core i7, 8gb ram, osx 10.12, i can do the same thing and the cpu idles at 50% never exceeds 60%.