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Hi Everyone,

I have just done a quick port of Randy's demo patch from Max to Pure Data. I have it running on OSX in Purr Data and Extended. It uses a few non-vanilla objects to receive and parse OSC messages and the SVF filter.

Hopefully someone finds this useful for getting up and running.


I have an MS-20 mini that I have been driving using MIDI. I'd love to drive it with CV and get the computer out of the mix. I have also been drooling over the Kilpatrick Audio Phenol. If the proposed box had voltage scaling for dealing with various conventions that would be fantastic. Also to agree with supergregg that some ability to configure the box to deal with each person's preference for multitouch setting and voice allocation would be essential to making the box useful.

For devil's advocate, Doepfer has the MCV24, which seems to have quite a lot of features for converting midi to CV and is reasonably priced for the wealth of features and outputs it provides. Maybe a great midi box made to work well withe the mcv24 or something similar would have wider appeal here?

I'd be happy with any solution that removes the computer and does it well, meaning reliably and with sufficient configurability to tweak polyphony and touch settings.


The soundplane app is stuck on the waiting for isochronous data. I've rebooted, replugged, and reinstalled the app. I'm using 1.1.2 with OSX 10.9.5.

Any suggestions?


Thanks. I had it connected to a USB hub that is part of my interface (AKAI EIE). When I plug it into a port there are no problems.


In order of preference: 25 18 14 7 1

My primary preference is to have any one of these :)