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Congrats! One of the most beautiful VSTs I’ve seen, can’t wait to try it.

Here's a discussion on the Ableton beta forum:


Here'a a KVR thread talking about it:


I think this is a known bug with AUs in the current version of Ableton.


Is there any interest or intention for developing Aalto or Kaivo for iPad sometime in the future? My current favorite synth is Propellerhead Thor for iPad, mostly because you can program complex evolving sounds with the sequencer and mod matrix, and then perform with them easily with the touch screen. Aalto and Kaivo would obviously be amazing for stuff like that too, what do you think?

Sounds interesting! Pitch detection is fun to misuse.

Ooh, can you tell us anything about Virta? :) I think it's a nice name, it continues the water theme of your previous plugins, but also stands for electric current.

Good to hear! Yeah, you can export Thor patches from the iPad to Reason really easily, it's a great workflow.