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Hello world, same here, crashing both reaper and renoise on mojave.
EDIT: works perfectly after the 1.9.1 update ! Thanks !

great, count me in then !

Hi @randy,
I've recently bought the aalto t-shirt and really like the design.
I was wondering if you would consider releasing a batch of stickers with this new logo ?
Because, yes, I do love to cover my laptops with cool stickers :-)
All the best.

hi randy and thank you for the reply. yes it looks like the compressor doesn't respond, at least on the windows version.

had the same issue here. there is a patch connection that goes out from audio/comp into formants/carrier and/or formants/program. removing it to audio/pre instead of audio/comp will make the audio signal pass through. i do have to repatch every effect presets this way in order to play them. any ideas ? otherwise, congrats randy, it's a new gem !

hi. aalto latest release works fine for me inside maschine, on my mac. just had to deactivate the default 32-bit mode on maschine though.